Christie Williamson – Poet

Christie, who comes from Yell, lives and works in Glasgow. His poetry has been published in various magazines including the New Shetlander, Lallans and NorthWORDS Now. In 2006 his writing was commended in the William Soutar Open Writing competition and the following year he had a commendation in the Wigtown Poetry Competition.

In 2006, he took part in an original play Lorca’s Shadow at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He produced his first translations of Federico García Lorca’s poetry into Shetland dialect for this play. The play was a commercial and critical success and whilst the poet was relieved that the demands on his time and creative energies had abated, he could not stay away from Lorca’s poetry, could not help asking how it would sound in a Shetland voice.

His poetry pamphlet Arc o Möns was published in 2010 by Hansel Cooperative Press.